About AS Print

A” stands for all and “S” stands for surface in our name. We can print on any surfaces you mentioned. Especially on hard materials such as plastic, glass, tiles, metals and woods, etc.


We believe in creativity, self-expression and identity. So, we would like to create a collection of accessories while representing personal or organization identity. For organizations, identity is important for workplace safety, branding and customer relations. Identity can specify organization’s employee easily and customers also can connect better with key organization information. Organization mission messages also can spread through identity. We can provide those features with our ID Card printing as well as Corporate Logo printing service. We can provide plain or NFC ID Cards for our customers. Moreover, we can provide corporate gift items for our customers, too.


For personal or individual, we have other services such as personalize phone case printing and coffee mugs printing to let you express your creativity or identity. Please do not hesitate to let us know your idea and transform your creativity permanent.


If you are talented creator and would like to make a history with us, do contact us as well to collaborate with you.


We are subsidiary of The Altitude Total Solutions Provider Pte Ltd.


Let Us Transform Your Creativity Permanent!