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We believe in creativity, self-expression and identity. Therefore, we would like to create a collection of accessories while representing personal or organization identity.

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Custom Mifare Staff ID Card Printing

5.10 (SGD)

Custom PVC Card Printing

3.20 (SGD)

Custom Design Card Sticker

2.00 (SGD)

Card Sticker - DASSK

1.50 (SGD)

Company Staff ID Card

Identification Cards (ID Cards) are important piece of company's facility and workplace safety. It can identify your employees easily at all times and control access with personalized, secure cards. The plastic ID Cards allow companies to combine the benefits of flexibility, time savings and security of employees and property.

Eco-friendly Wheat Straw Phone Case

When buying phone case, we should consider the waste which can clear automatically by our mother earth. Our Eco-friendly, Biodegradable phone cases are made of natural wheat straw. Moreover, our eco-friendly wheat straw phone cases not only can protect your phone, it also has minimal negative impact on the earth.