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Eco-friendly Wheat Straw Phone Cases

Based on the statistic, there are about 5 billions mobile users around the globe today. Most of the people keep their mobile phones around 22 months before getting a new one. Among them, 1.5 billion phone cases are thrown away each year providing a lot of plastic waste to the Earth. Therefore, we should consider the waste which can clear automatically by our mother earth when buying phone cases.


Our Eco-friendly, Biodegradable phone cases are made of natrual wheat straw and a blend of TPU. Moreover, our eco-friendly wheat straw phone cases not only can protect your phone, it also has minimal negative impact on the earth.


Our wheat straw phone cases have a soft matte finishing. Because of the matte finishing, the cases are not only protecting the phone, they also protect against finger prints.


As our slogan says, we would like to create a collections of phone cases for all creative people with the consideration of providing environmentally friendly and biodegradable. That does not means other users are not included. We have wide range of self-expressive designs for all users to choose.